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If you want to achieve unparalleled success, you can't settle for mediocrity and follow the same old path as everyone else.

It is your duty, obligation, and responsibility to strive for excellence.

This book will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to achieve extraordinary success in both business and life."

  • You will learn how to FIRE sabotage and HIRE sanity, serenity & success

  • You will learn how to Improve your self-awareness and utilize emotional intelligence to handle any situation."

  • You will Learn how to ‘sell” yourself a new reality in life, business, and relationships

  • You will discover how to Leverage the power of The Law of Deservability©

  • You will discover how to Be Prepareed to challenge yourself and to adopt new ways of thinking, being, and doing that align with your true self."

  • You will Transform your life by learning how to reprogram your mind for success and love. By adopting the right habits, you can achieve your goals in both business and relationships."

  • You will Discover how to stop being influenced by others and become the influential one in life and business."

  • ​You will learn how to Unlock the truth about how to regain control of your brain again

  • You will discover how to Break Free from co-dependent business practices and harness your authenticity as an entrepreneur

  • You will Become re-inspired through innovative ways to do sales differently, and get results

  • You will learn How to Break free from fear, lack of motivation, and doing sales from the “business-in-the-box” mentality.

  • You will learn how to Explore your innermost thoughts and challenge your current business practices."

I'll Pay For The Book 15.95, PLUS Give You 3 Bonus Items...


I'll Pay For The Book 15.95, PLUS Give You 3 Bonus Items...


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BONUS #1: Order Your FREE Copy Now and Get Instant Access to the Digital eBook

When you purchase the "Stuck on Ready" book, you'll not only get a physical copy of the book, but you'll also receive the digital version as well. This means that you'll have access to the book on-the-go, whether you're commuting, traveling, or just prefer reading on your e-reader or tablet. Having both the physical and digital versions of the book provides you with added convenience and flexibility to read the book whenever and wherever you want. So, you can dive into the valuable insights and strategies of the "Stuck on Ready" book at your own pace, in the format that works best for you.

BONUS #2: Entrepreneur Branding

"Entrepreneur Branding" is a comprehensive e-book that provides practical guidance and actionable strategies for entrepreneurs who want to build and cultivate their personal brand. The book highlights the importance of establishing a strong personal brand that aligns with the entrepreneur's business goals and values and outlines the key elements of an effective brand strategy, such as identifying a target audience, creating a unique value proposition, and developing a consistent brand voice and visual identity.

The e-book also covers essential topics such as building an online presence through social media and content marketing, networking and building relationships with influencers, and leveraging thought leadership to establish credibility and authority in one's industry. Packed with practical tips, and exercises to help readers put theory into practice, "Entrepreneur Branding" is an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur looking to build a strong, recognizable, and impactful personal brand that supports business success.

BONUS #3: Let's talk about prospecting

"Powerful Prospecting: Turning Relationships into Revenue" is an insightful e-book that provides entrepreneurs and sales professionals with a strategic approach to prospecting that turns relationships into revenue. The book focuses on developing strong relationships with potential customers through targeted and effective prospecting techniques, which are grounded in building trust, creating value, and nurturing long-term relationships.

The e-book provides a step-by-step guide to prospecting, covering key topics such as identifying and targeting the right prospects, developing a prospecting plan, creating a value proposition, crafting effective messaging, and building a consistent and scalable prospecting process. The book also includes a range of practical tools and templates to help entrepreneurs put theory into practice. With its actionable insights and practical guidance, "Prospecting: Relationships into Revenue" is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their prospecting efforts and increase revenue by building strong, lasting relationships with potential customers.

BONUS #4: SELF Leadership

Self-Leadership for Entrepreneurs" by Bridget Hom is a powerful guidebook for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. The book emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of one's actions, thoughts, and emotions and developing the habits necessary to lead oneself toward success. Successful entrepreneurship begins with the ability to self-manage and prioritize, and this skill can be learned and developed over time.

Through practical advice, "Self-Leadership for Entrepreneurs" provides readers with the tools they need to cultivate self-discipline, maintain focus, and stay motivated, even in the face of adversity. This e-book is an essential read for anyone looking to build a successful business while also cultivating a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose.

I'll Pay For The Book 15.95, PLUS Give You 3 Bonus Items...


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I'll Pay For The Book 15.95, PLUS Give You 3 Bonus Items...


Meet the Author - Bridget Hom

Bridget Hom is one of the top Mindset coaches. She launched into entrepreneurship during a time when people were pursuing reinvention and personal and professional evolution in their lives and businesses.

Having coached individuals and teams and influenced thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide in the Find Your Freedom Programs, she founded the Law of Deservability and trains individuals, leaders and teams to master emotional intelligence and take authentic action in their business and relationships.

She has dedicated her life to empowering business owners with the successful entrepreneur mindset and strategies to get Stuck on Ready to partner with their future successful selves, gain a romance with life and create empowered client interactions forever.

I'll Pay For The Book 15.95, PLUS Give You 3 Bonus Items...


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